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Why You May Be Missing the Benefits of Intensive Nourishing Cream

March 17th, 2017 • Posted by D T • Permalink

When first trying Intensive Nourishing Cream, some may think, ďThat product is not for me.Ē It can be a common misperception of the luxuriantly rich anti-aging cream. However you may be surprised that it could be what your regimen needs! Below are reasons you may be missing out on all the benefits of Intensive Nourishing Cream.

Intensive Nourishing Cream will make me breakout.
The biggest apprehension some feel is that Intensive Nourishing Cream is too heavy and will clog the pores. Because all Epionce products are non-comedogenic, you wonít have to worry that using it will lead to blemishes. If you have more oily skin, you may want to use the cream only at night and apply Renewal Lite Facial Lotion in the morning. Also, a little goes a long way so just use a small amount.

I have dry skin, but itís not that dry.
As the weather changes, skin can become drier. Itís a good time to switch your Renewal Facial product to a more-emollient cream like Intensive Nourishing Cream. This will help boost hydration all winter and keep skin looking healthy. Try using the product as a night cream, and apply Renewal Facial Cream in the morning for a lighter, all-day feel under makeup.

Iím too young for an anti-aging product.
Itís never too soon to use quality skin care products that will help improve the visible appearance of skin down the road! The truth is, fine lines and wrinkles can start showing in the early 20ís. If you spent summers in your youth playing in the sun, you may experience the effects of photo damage earlier.

To help slow the visible signs of aging, simply incorporate Intensive Nourishing Cream into your regimen! Even if you arenít worried about wrinkles, Azelaic and Ursolic acids help visibly improve skin brightness and the appearance of skin firmness. Soft-focus technology formulated into Intensive Nourishing Cream helps deflect light from skin imperfections. Those are benefits youíll want now!

Anti-aging products are harsh and I have sensitive skin.
The Epionce philosophy is about helping the skin look healthy Ė without irritation. This means even sensitive skin types can use the Intensive Nourishing Cream! In studies against a leading anti-aging product, Epionce users did not have to stop their regimen due to irritation.

Talk to your Epionce skin professional to find out how to best incorporate Intensive Nourishing Cream into your regimen!

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