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The benefits of Massage for Teens who play summer sports.

June 23rd, 2018 • Posted by D T • Permalink

If you have a teen who plays sports in school you know the pressure put on them to train harder and play at higher and higher levels each game. The pressure isn't just physical, it can often be emotional as well. The constant intensity, collision of bodies, impacts and stresses on joints and ligaments add up over time. Summer leagues during school break along with camps can sometimes intensify what was already a busy sports schedule.

From Baseball to Football, Soccer, Cheer leading or La cross the injury's and strains continue to add up. In the world of professional sports its commonplace to utilize massage as both a preventative and/or recuperative measure to keep an athlete injury and stress free.

While your teen may not play at a professional level, they do suffer the same strains, sprains, stresses and aches that the pro's do. Yet teens differ in that their body, muscles, joints and ligaments are still growing and developing and need the extra attention during these years.

Why not help them to perform at a higher level and also keep them flexible, stress and injury free with sports massage?

Let our expertly trained and licensed Massage Therapists at Dermage Spa help your teen with the physical aches and pains of summer sports.

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