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The benefits of Massage and what to expect.

June 27th, 2018 • Posted by D T • Permalink

What is Massage exactly? It is a form of manipulating your skin to address the underlying, muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments through the actions of pressure, rubbing and friction. Massage technique can range from light pressure to varying strokes of firmer, deeper pressure. The most commmom types of Massage: Swedish massage. This is a relaxing, gentler form of massage that use lighter pressure with longer strokes. Deep Tissue massage. Commonly used for athletes as well as treating injury. This form of massage uses shorter, deeper strokes with more pressure to target the deeper layers of muscle, fascia and connective tissue. Sports massage. Like the name says, a specific massage which caters to various strain and injuries from sports. Sports massage can use a combination of massage techniques. Trigger point massage. This massage addresses knots and tight, bound up muscles. Often used for injury relief. Some of the many benefits of massage: Immediate results in reducing stress, tension, and pain relief, both chronic and recent injury based. Longer term benefits result in deeper, more restful sleep, better circulation, reduced anxiety and increased range of mobility. What actually happens when you receive massage? There is no special preparation for massage. Your therapist will ask you about any symptoms you may be having, your medical history and what you're hoping to get out of this session. Just before your therapist leaves the room to start your session you will be asked to undress or if you choose to wear loose-fitting clothing, undress to the point that you're comfortable with. Many people wish to keep their undergarments on during massage while others prefer not to, the choice is yours. You will then lie on a massage table, usually face down and cover yourself with a sheet. After a few minutes your massage therapist will then knock on the door before re-entering the room to check that you are lying on the table and covered with a sheet before beginning your session. Massage session typically last 60 to 90 minutes. A final thought on choosing an establishment to receive Massage. It's important to consider exactly who your therapist will be, after all you're spending your hard earned money in exchange for results. You'll find you have a variety of choices to choose from, discount chains as well as stand alone business who charge a little more. Experience and technique are the determining factors in how effective, therapeutic and relaxing your massage will ultimately be. Although some establishments appear to be cost effective to the consumer this is usually because they acquire therapists directly out of massage school. These graduates are just beginning their profession and have minimum levels of technique, skill and experience at this point in their careers. Other establishments may charge a little more but their therapists will be much more experienced and seasoned experts in massage who are better suited to provide you the results you are looking for.

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