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Antioxidants To The Rescue

March 24th, 2017 • Posted by D T • Permalink

Everyday you are exposed to oxidation and free radicals in the form of UV rays, smoke, toxins, and pollution. Countless studies have shown that if allowed to run free in the body these external elements play a significant role in premature aging and the development of various diseases. While you cannot avoid exposure to environmental hazards completely, you do have the power to minimize and combat their effects.

Antioxidants are powerful molecules that have been shown to effectively neutralize and minimize the damaging effects of oxidation, and have been a trending theme throughout the nutrition and skincare industries. In order to combat the continuous assault, antioxidants keep free radicals in-check and prevent them from causing a domino effect of damage on other cells. Helping to prevent further oxidation, and reduce inflammation and cellular damage, these miracle workers are a must-have in your diet and daily skincare routine.

When looking for antioxidant protection, variety is key. Antioxidants are known to be the most effective when used in conjunction with other antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity, otherwise known as ORAC, is a rating system that measures the antioxidant potency and its ability to inhibit and counteract oxidation. Look to this rating tool to find which antioxidants will provide your skin and body with the most powerful benefits. Some of the highest ORAC values belong to pomegranate, cranberry, gogi, and acai.

Epicuren offers many solutions to help your skin fight off these damaging effects.

The ORAC Age-Protect Serum contains some of the highest ORAC valued antioxidants for your skin.

One of the most well-known antioxidant solutions on the market are Vitamin C creams, and serums such as the CXc Vitamin C Complex that also works to brighten the skinís appearance while it protects.

Noni Herbal Elixir is loaded with antioxidant rich Polynesian fruit, to help quench UV kissed skin.

A healthy body and gorgeous skin are absolutely possible through the inclusion of antioxidants into your daily diet and skincare regimen. Donít forget to choose a wide variety and enjoy the timeless results you achieve!

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